Union Election 2020 – election results

Between 26 – 31 October, the Union Election 2020 was conducted where all MF members had the opportunity to vote on who would have the honor of naming themselves Union Council members for 2020/2021. The votes have now been counted and the Election Commission can hereby announce the voting results and distribution of mandates in the public election and between the sections!

The Union Council – Fullmäktige 2020-2021

The public election – mandate distribution and election results

Votes in total: 788
Voting participation: 342 members (14,7%)
Number of votes per person in average: 2,30 (min 0 votes, max 5 votes per person)
Number of candidates in the public election: 16

15 of 29 mandates in the Union Council were reserved for section representatives. The sections appointed 11 mandates and thereby 18 mandates were to be appointed in the public election.

Members public election Number of votes (percent of total votes)
Vito Marquez 153 (19,4%)
Erik Söderlund 65 (8,2%)
Leonie Vetter 59 (7,5%)
Matilda Kjellander 56 (7,1%)
Andreas Henriksson 55 (7,0%)
Jan Philipp Reising 55 (7,0%)
Mirco Martino 54 (6,9%)
Sebastian Ols 52 (6,6%)
Constance Boissin 51 (6,5%)
Zusanna Bjurenfalk 37 (4,7%)
Naela Hagatulah 35 (4,4%)
Alexander Klaréus 34 (4,3%)
Kajsa Oltorp 30 (3,8%)
Oscar Dwyer 26 (3,3%)
Gabriel Allgårdh 15 (1,8%)
Nils Werge 7 (0,9%)
Blank votes 4 (0,5%)

Sections – mandate distribution

15 of the 29 mandates in Fullmäktige were reserved for section representatives.The three largest sections; the Doctoral Students Association (DSA), the Medical Students’ Section (LS) and the Biomedical Educational Section (BUS) were allowed to appoint two mandates each and the other sections were allowed to appoint one mandate per section. Each section could also appoint one substitute per mandate. The substitute is personal for the section and can only accede when the section’s ordinary member is absent. 11 of the 15 reserved mandates were appointed.

Section  Section representative Personal substitute
BAS Deni Rashid
BUS Benjamin Maier
Tim Häneke 

DSA Gabriele Girelli
Roberto Ballerino 
Dina Dabaghie
Yangjun Liu 
FOVET/PHS Alexa Zamfir  Alice Sherbro 
Fysio Magnus Emanuelson 
LS Alexander Liimatainen
Hedieh Mohammadi 
Ib Green-Petersen
Kimia Dianat 
Kaustika Alexandra Holm  Rebecca Pennerud 
PsyKI Mikaela Thomson  Johan Helander 

If you consider the polling of this election to have violated the bylaws of Medicinska Föreningen, please contact the Election Commission (Valnämnden) at [email protected].