Ingeborg van der Ploeg is this year’s recipient of Mäster

Medicinska Föreningen’s award to an extraordinary educator and teacher

Ingeborg van der Ploeg

The Education Council has decided to award Mäster 2020 to Ingeborg van der Ploeg, coordinator of strategic issues concerning doctoral education including quality enhancement of the doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet.

Mäster is awarded by the Education Council on proposal from MF members once per year. Recipients of Mäster traditionally receive a diploma and a name plate at the Lucia Ball on the 13th of December.


Ingeborg has, for a long time, been working together with both students and teachers to make sure that the doctoral education at KI reaches a maximum international standard. In her role as central doctoral study director, Ingeborg coordinates strategic issues related to doctoral education at KI, a job she conducts in an extremely efficient and professional manner. She maintains a very close contact with the doctoral students and cherishes student influence in all matters related to doctoral education and welfare of students. Especially during the pandemic, she has continuously kept the doctoral students updated about the situation and worked to make sure that the study and work environment is as good as possible. Ingeborg has shown a will and try to find new solutions and improve the quality of doctoral courses and championed improved pedagogical skills for supervisors and teachers at KI. Ingeborg’s work has in many ways initiated and implemented lasting improvements within the doctoral education at KI. 

For her tireless work within improving the doctoral education and the situation for doctoral students at KI, Ingeborg van der Ploeg is awarded Mäster.

Ingeborg van der Ploeg’s own words about receiving the Mäster award

To all at MF,

It is a great honor to receive the Mäster award for the year 2020 from Medicinska Föreningen (MF). I want to express my deep gratitude to MF’s president Jessica Härtell, MFs vice-president Puck Norell, MF’s Educational Council and the KI students, and in particular the doctoral students in the Doctoral Students’ Association.

It is my passion and joy to continuously contribute to improve the doctoral education at KI, including to enhance the situation of the doctoral students in many ways, as part of my work as Central study director of doctoral studies at KI. This I do together with those who are steering the doctoral education at KI, notably the Committee of Doctoral Education and the Course and Programme Committee, and together with a very professional and dedicated team of coordinators and officers, with KI staff (among others study directors, supervisors and teachers) at all departments, at the KI library (KIB) and the medical education unit of KI called Teaching and Learning (TL), with the doctoral student’s ombudsperson, and with other collaborators.

My insights and inspiration come also from my own doctoral education at KI, my research in different fields and environments, supervision of doctoral students (both basic researchers and clinicians), mentoring, coordinating capacity building projects in collaboration with medical universities in Vietnam and Tanzania, having been a study director for a national research school in health care sciences, working together with doctoral students in committees and working groups, facilitating the introduction for doctoral students, being the course leader of doctoral courses, diverse national and international collaborations, involvement in resolving challenging student cases and meeting doctoral students before signing of their thesis.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage students to be active members in MF and to contribute to the common good of the student community and KI as a whole besides your studies and other engagements. Engaging as a student representative is truly enriching and a learning opportunity for yourself and is also very important to improve the situation for present and future fellow students. I on my side will show my gratefulness for the award received by continuously contribute to improve the doctoral education and teaching at KI and to support you in your worthwhile endeavors. 

Thankfully yours,
Ingeborg van der Ploeg, KI