Recipients of Parva Scintilla Medicorum 2019

Parva Scintilla Medicorum was instituted by the Board in 2012. The medal is awarded to those who during a longer or shorter period of time have done invaluable work for Medicinska Föreningen in the field of student influence and education surveillance. It can be awarded to members, former members, employees or others who have been engaged in the work of Medicinska Föreningen. 

Congratulations and thank you to this year’s recepients of Parva Scintilla Medicorum! The medal will be awarded at the Amphiox Gasque on the 21st of September.

Benedek Bozoky

Benedek Bozoky has for several years been involved in various parts of the student influence that is conducted by MF. As chairperson of the Doctoral Students’ Association (DSA) in 2016, he worked diligently for increased influence for doctoral students and to increase knowledge about DSA among PhD students. He has also served as a student representative in several instances, including the KI Board, the Board of Research and the Innovation Council.

For his long-standing work in student representation, Benedek is awarded Parva Scintilla Medicorum.

Matilda Kjellander

Matilda Kjellander has been involved in MF for almost 6 years as a student representative in a number of different groups. These include, among others, the Educational Price Committee where she sat for 3 years and the Center for Clinical Education (CKU). During all this time she has also represented MF in two hearing assemblies, where it is very important that the students’ voice is represented.

For her work as a versatile representative for all students, Matilda is awarded Parva Scintilla Medicorum.

Susanne Neumann

During her four years as a board member of the Doctoral Students’ Association (DSA) and 2 years as secretary for DSA, Susanne Neumann has contributed tremendously to student representation for doctoral students. During her time in DSA, she has among other things written new templates for meeting minutes and sat in most committees as a student representative. She has also represented Karolinska Institutet’s students and doctoral students with passion for several years in the Board of Research Eduction.

For her committed work, Susanne is awarded Parva Scintilla Medicorum.