Recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum VT 2021

Crux Parva Medicorum was instituted by the Board in 2000. Crux Parva Medicorum is awarded to someone who for a longer or shorter period has done invaluable work for Medicinska Föreningen. The medal is awarded two times a year during the Amphiox Gasque to members, former members, employees or others who have been engaged in the work of Medicinska Föreningen. The Board decides whom to honor with the medal. A maximum of six medals can be awarded at once. 

The Board has decided to award Crux Parva Medicorum to Hanna Eklund, Simon Körösi, Wilma Lindström, Maya Tourkaman and Anne Östholm. Congratulations and thank you for your invaluable work for Medicinska Föreningen!

Since the spring’s Amphiox Gasque could not be arranged, the medal will be awarded at another occasion. More information about this will soon be published.

Hanna Eklund

Hanna Eklund started her journey in MF 2015 and has since had time to get involved in several central parts and even baked cinnemon buns for the spex at least once! Hanna has always contributed with work where needed, mainly of course as a member of the Programme Committee for several years. Within the Board, Hanna has worked with the well-being of students and our members with projects and events in the field of mental health.

One of Hanna’s major contributions within MF is the revival of friendships and the creation of new traditions together with MF’s friend association Medicinarklubben Thorax in Helsinki. Hanna was one of the driving forces behind the friendship celebration and the annual international match that started in 2018, where MF and Thorax take turns to invite each other and arrange festivities together. Hanna has always cared for everyone within MF and for the student union to develop, and has through her commitment and positivity contributed to making MF a better place for many.

For her invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has chosen to award Hanna Eklund the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Simon Körösi

Simon Körösi was one of the generals of Students’ Nobel NightCap in 2017, when the mythical afterparty to the Nobel Banquet was last organized by Medicinska Föreningen. He did a tireless job for a year to organize the party and create an unforgettable evening for both Nobel laureates and students. Many visitors refer to the evening as one of the best SNNC parties they have been to.

Simon has also been very involved in the Medical students’ section’s social committee LÄSK, which he breathed life into and also continued to be involved in after graduating from Karolinska Institutet. Through LÄSK, Simon has introduced many medical students to the student union and contributed to the creation of a more fun student life at KI.

For his invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has chosen to award Simon Körösi the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Wilma Lindström

Wilma Lindström has, since she began her MF career within the Programme Committee, continued to deepen her commitment and dedication to the student union. In 2020, she was a member of the Board and the Election Commission, and ‘spritis’ of the Programme Committee. After naturally ending her involvement in the Programme Committe after many years, she rejoined the committee and instead became more active again and took on one of the heavier positions with a lot of responsibility (ie ‘spritis’) – a sign of a genuine interest and commitment in MF. She was also involved in the project Framtidens Kårhus and, among other things, in the planning of the new bars and tap systems in the student union house.

Wilma has always had a high work ethic, something that is extremely appreciated within MF and absolutely essential for the student union to function. Wilma is one of MF’s most valuable work ants who ensures that the student union’s activities progress and develop. She takes her commitment very seriously to ensure that student life and education at KI is as good as possible for all students.

For her invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has chosen to award Wilma Lindström the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Maya Tourkaman

Maya Tourkaman is always seen with a smile on her face and she is never afraid to take on new assignments and challenges. Maya has been active in Blåslaget for a long time and has also been chairperson of the association. In 2020, Maya became more centrally involved in Medicinska Föreningen and during the year took on assignments as Board member, chairperson of the Communication Committee, chairperson of the Election Commission and manager of the covid-19 resource group which was started at the beginning of the pandemic.

When KomU didn’t have a chairperson at the beginning of 2020, Maya was quick to jump in and save the situation by taking on the responsibility. Maya has kept track of MF’s social media and put a lot of work into spreading knowledge about MF and attracting new members, an extremely valuable contribution for the student union. Maya was also one of the driving forces in the covid-19 resource group and ensured that lectures were arranged for our members on, among other things, topics as mental health and the coronavirus pandemic.

For her invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has chosen to award Maya Tourkaman the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.

Anne Östholm

Anne Östholm has since her start of studies in 2016 been involved in a number of different committees and projects within Medicinska Föreningen. With her energy and her tireless drive, Anne has had plenty of commitment, including the Union Council and the Board, and she has been responsible for PR and economics in the Programme Committee. In addition to this, she has also played a significant role in organising Mental Health Week, which then raised the topic of mental health – an extremely important topic of conversation that is often not discussed enough.

Anne is currently studying the 10th semester of the medical program, but despite that she is still active in MF to constantly improve the lives of the students – examples of her current assignments are e.g. that she is host of MF. It can therefore certainly be said that Anne has had her hands and mind full since the start of her studies in making MF, and KI, a better place for students.

For her invaluable work within Medicinska Föreningen, the Board has chosen to award Anne Östholm the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum.