We are proud to present our first official core partner: AstraZeneca

We at Medicinska Föreningen and the project Framtidens Kårhus have been working hard the last couple of months to create a partnership program with industries that we think would be interesting for our members to come in contact with.

The partnership program is an important part of Medicinska Föreningens who gathers students of Karolinska Institutet and works as a forum contact medium between students and relevant partners.

AstraZeneca is a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry and its particularly interesting now due to their amazing efforts and contributions in combating the global pandemic that has affected us all.

The partnership means AstraZeneca will hold events at Medicinska Föreningen which will be free for all students at Karolinska Institutet to attend, they will also be present at the CHaSE (Careers in Health and Science Exposition) career fair. All events that will be held by AstraZeneca will be announced on Medicinska Föreningens Facebook page as well as other communication channels.

We are completely convinced this new partnership will benefit us all and we welcome AstraZeneca to the MF family!