Apply for positions of trust within Medicinska Föreningen 2020

Ideally involved students are what make our student union constantly evolve and contribute to a better student life for all students at Karolinska Institutet. We are now looking for YOU who want to get involved and influence the work of your student union, make friends for life and gain valuable experiences for your future professional life!

One of the most important areas that MF is currently focusing on is the renovation of our union house, the project “Framtidens Kårhus” – the Future Union House. The project was introduced in 2015 by the Union Council (FuM) and aims to completely renovate the union house in Solna with the help of donated funds. The planning of what the house should look like is basically done and during 2020 we enter a more active phase with a lot of focus on collecting donations and on planning how MF will function during renovations and afterwards. The project will permeate Medicinska Föreningen during 2020 and will likely affect all elected positions, especially the MF Board. Both the project manager and MF hopes that you who apply to positions of trust within MF will find the project interesting and will do what you can to support it!

There are still vacant positions of trust for 2020 that will be elected on the Union Council’s (FuM) meeting on the 9th of December. Read about the positions below and apply now! It is favourable if you can be present at the meeting to present yourself for FuM.  Last day to apply is on the 4th of December.

Apply for positions of trust and affect MF’s future and your student life at Karolinska Institutet!

Vice President

The Vice President is the Presidents’ deputy and has basically the same duties as the President. The work is usually divided equally between the two. This position is also paid full-time and it is therefore inappropriate to study or work while holding the position of Vice President.


The secretary is a member of MF’s board and writes minutes at all Board meetings as well as meetings of the Union Council (FuM). The position is payed a symbolic fee.

Auditors – 1 ordinary and 2 substitutes

The task of the auditors is to review the activities of Medicinska Föreningen to ensure that the bylaws are followed, developed and that decisions are made correctly. This means reviewing the meeting minutes produced during the year and submitting an opinion on how well the student union’s bodies have fulfilled their duties as above.

Editor-in-chief of Medicor

The editor-in-chief is responsible publisher for MF’s magazine Medicor and leads the team that works on producing the magazine.

Chairperson of the Equal Treatment Committee

Leads the work of the Equal Treatment Committee by sending out documents and calling for meetings as well as by being the committee’s main representative.

Vice chairperson of the Equal Treatment Committee

Helps the chairperson lead the work of the Equal Treatment Committee.

Secretary of the Equal Treatment Committee

The secretary writes minutes at the Equal Treatment Committee meetings.

Members of the Equal Treatment Committee

The Equal Treatment Committee works with the university and the rest of MF to ensure equal conditions for all students, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, age, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation or disability.

Members of the International Committee

Members of the International Committee (IN) work with and decide about the activities arranged by IN.

Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee

The chairperson leads the work of the Scholarship Committee and makes sure that the Board decides about which scholarships to announce from Medicinska Föreningen’s foundations.

Member of the Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee goes through applications for scholarships from Medicinska Föreningen’s foundations and suggests to the Board which scholarships to give and to whom. The committee needs to consist of at least three members and one of the members needs to be a Board member aswell. The committee meets about twice a year.

If you have any questions about the positions, please send an email to the Nomination Committee:

[email protected]

Are you more interested in central student representative positions within KI?