The Union Election 2019

Here are the candidates for the Union Election!

The Union Election is your chance to voice your opinion – what kind of future do you want for Medicinska Föreningen? Look through the candidates, read their statements, and decide who should represent you in the Union Council (Fullmäktige)!

A voting link will be sent to all members of Medicinska Föreningen via email. You can vote from the 24th to the 31st of October.

Candidates Fullmäktige 2019-2020

Sarah Ahmad Awad

Medical student

I have represented the Medical Section in FuM and would like to continue to be a council member in FuM to be a part of MFs work of improvement.

As a council member in FuM, I have the ability to represent the students, improve my education and be an active part of the decisions regarding the future for the students of KI.

The work in FuM has given me good insight in MF:s work and student representation and I hope to continue to be part of the work of improvement which MF does and to represent the students of KI.

Anders Norell Bergendahl

Medical student T5

I have been part of Fullmäktige for two years and have yet to miss a meeting. I hope to continue my involvement in the same spirit and with my experience contribute to a well-functioning Fullmäktige.

Zusanna Bjurenfalk

Psychology student

It is important to me that students from all KI’s study programs feel included and welcome in Medicinska Föreningen. If I am elected I will in every decision try to think of what would be the best for all students.

Michelle Estman

Medical student

As a new union member, I have the honour to represent my fellow students and being a part of this team. I hope for the chance to learn more about the union work, to engage even more. Our student years at KI should be an enjoyable time for all, and by engaging in MF I get the chance to influence that. To me, the most important parts are to ensure the democratic process within the student union, and that new students from all backgrounds feel a warm welcome. I want to see the big international family that is MF grow.

Alexander Klaréus

Psychology student T1

A competent student union is the most important guarantee for a qualitative and competent university, capable of excellence within research and education. Student unions require participation from competent students, and I want to do my part. I am the former chairman of the Student union at the Swedish Defence University.

Robert D. Lilford

Medical student

I am running as a candidate for FuM because I want to take part in the union’s work processes while ensuring we continue to benefit our members every step of the way. Under my time in MF I have been active in different parts which have given me the experience and insight to partake in FuMs work. Since 2018 I’ve been part of the Program committee, Coordinator in PrU 2018-2019, Treasurer for Corpus Karrolina 2018–2019, Student representative since 2018 for the medical students’ section and MF, Board member 2019, Host 2019-2020, Librarian 2019-2020, and a Member of FuM 2018-2019.

Marta Matlacz

Biomedicine Msc

I have been a member of FuM for a year, which helped me greatly to understand how FuM, and the whole MF, works. I believe that I am a great candidate for FuM, because I already have experience within it, I am excited to take on the important role of representing my fellow students, and I truly believe that I will be a valuable voice within the Fullmäktige yet another year.

Pinja Ruuhinen

Psychology student T7

I want to make sure that everyone gets heard in Medicinska Föreningen. The union should be a place where everyone is welcome! With two years of experience in Union Council and as the chairperson of Psychology Section as well as one year of experience in the MF Board I have a lot of knowledge of MF’s organisation.

Kajsa Sandell

Nursing student T4

As a student in a Flemingsberg based program, I believe that we are under-represented in many parts of MF. As a member of FuM, I would work for all students to feel heard regardless of which campus they belong to. During my time at KI, I have been active in the Program Committee as a board member, which taught me how MF makes decisions and how these can best assist students.

Victor Svedberg

Psychology student

I was in FuM 2017 and has since then been involved in the Administration Committee, currently as its chairman. I have also been involved in most of the committees and different parts of the association.

Anne Östholm

Medical student T7

During my three years as an active member of MF I have learned that nothing is more important than the students at a university. As a member of the Event committee and the board of MF I have taken part in the planning and execution of everything from party-planning to student representation. During the following FuM-term I will use this knowledge to keep developing the MF we all love.

Astrid Östholm

Medical student T2

I am applying to the Council (FuM) since I want to take part in the work that FuM does. Today, I am engaged within the Program Committee (PrU) and have through my commitment realised how much I would like to take part in MF:s and KI:s further development. As an active member of “PrU” have I learned about meeting minutes and decision-making, and I like taking part in discussions regarding development. I have in addition to being a part of PrU, been active within the course committees in all courses I’ve taken at KI, which I have found rewarding and fun, especially since I can contribute to the development of the university.

If you have any questions about the election, the Council, or anything else, send an email to:

[email protected]