Kårvalet 2021 – candidates

The Election Commission hereby presents the candidates of the union election – Kårvalet! The voting period is between October 22nd and 29th. Become a member latest October 20th to vote.

Recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum HT 2021

The Board has elected the recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum autumn 2021. Congratulations to Ib Green-Petersen, Mirco Martino and Ann-Elise Hafvenström!

The union election Kårvalet 2021 is approaching

Soon it’s time! The union election, Kårvalet, takes place between 22 and 29 October. The candidates are presented on 15 October.

Nominate for Mäster – in memory of Dan Grandér

Now student union members can nominate a supervisor or teacher for the award Mäster! Last day to nominate is October 17th.

Report from Fullmäktige meetings 20/21:3 – 20/21:7

Here you will find a brief summary of decisions made at the most recent union council meetings.

Kårvalet 2021 – Apply to the union council Fullmäktige

The application period to FuM is open! Send in your candidacy latest on the 8th of October.

The union election Kårvalet is approaching!

Soon it is time to apply to the union council Fullmäktige, the highest decision-making body of Medicinska Föreningen.

Amphiox Gasque moved

The Amphiox Gasque has been moved from 18 September to 9 October, and on 18 September the Primus Autumnus Gasque will be arranged instead.

Recipient of Parva Scintilla Medicorum 2021

Congratulations to Jan Philipp Reising, recipient of the honorary award Parva Scintilla Medicorum 2021.

Medicor 2021 #1 is here!

This year’s first issue of Medicinska Föreningen’s magazine Medicor is finally here! We are so proud to bring you an amazingly written magazine edition, authored almost entirely by you guys, our members! We have articles on vaccine inequity, on blood type, on gender bias in psychiatry, cravings, and more.

Read Medicor 2021 #1 online here: https://medicor.nu/magazine/

Medicor is produced by the Communication Committee. Do you also want to be a part of the Medicor team? Contact us at [email protected].