Nominate for Parva Scintilla Medicorum

Do you know someone who deserves this honorary award? Send in your nomination latest on the 26th of July.

Positions of trust 2021/22

The Union Council has elected archivist, librarian and host for 2021/22 and an Election Commission for 2021. See who was elected!

Recipients of Crux Parva Medicorum VT 2021

We congratulate this spring’s recipients of the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum; Hanna Eklund, Simon Körösi, Wilma Lindström, Maya Tourkaman and Anne Östholm! Read the motivations here.

Apply for positions of trust 2021/22

It’s time to apply for positions of trust within Medicinska Föreningen 2021/22. Read about the positions and send in your candidacy latest on the 10th of May.

Apply for scholarship

You can now apply for scholarship from Stiftelsen Folke Sjöqvists 50-årsfond! The application period is open until 5 May 2021.

KI President praises students

KI President Ole Petter Ottersen praises us students for our effort during 2020 – and it is you, our members, whom we have to thank for your positive attitudes and hard work during last year!

Apply for student representative positions 2021!

It is our right as students to influence our education. During the pandemic it is more important than ever to ensure that students’ opinions and ideas are heard and included in Karolinska Institutet’s operations.

Nominate for Crux Parva Medicorum

Nominate for the honorary medal Crux Parva Medicorum latest on 4 January!

Union Council meeting 20/21:2

Se vem som valts till förtroendeposter och studentrepresentantposter inom Medicinska Föreningen 2021 och vad FuM beslutade den 14 december.