Below you will find a chart of Medicinska Föreninge’s organisation. Hover over the numbers next to each part of the organisation for a brief description and click on the number to go to their page.

A more detailed description of the organisation can be found in the bylaws of Medicinska Föreningen. Most parts of the student union also have their own regulations and instructions. These can be found on the Documents page.


The Union Council

The Union Council (FuM, in Swedish Fullmäktige) is the highets decision-making body of MF. FuM is elected yearly in the Union Election by MF’s members and consists of MF members and representatives from each section. FuM decides on the activity plan, budget, steering documents and elects positions of trust.

The Speaker, Jens Andersson, and vice Speaker of FuM, Leif Karlsson, can be reached at [email protected].


The Board

The Board is the highest executive body of MF. The Board is appointed by FuM in the November elections and consists of MF’s President, Vice President, Secretary and additional Board members. The Board works to execute FuM’s decisions and develop and improve the student union. The Board also decides on staff matters, such as employments and salaries.

The Board can be reached via President Jessica Härtell and Vice President Puck Norell at [email protected].



The commissions are chosen by FuM and have different areas of responsibility, such as equal treatment or scholarships. The commissions suggest their own activities and executes their work independently.

Medicinska Föreningen’s commissions:



The sections are responsible for study surveillance and study social questions for the education at Karolinska Institutet. The student members of MF are automatically a part of the section that represents their programme or course and the members elect their own section boards.

Medicinska Föreningen’s sections:



The committees are chosen by the Board and work as its prolonged arm with different areas of responsibility. E.g. they arrange the pubs and parties, the reception of new students, the sports events and prepare the budget.

Medicinska Föreningen’s committees:



Medicinska Föreningen has six employees. FuM decides on the creation of new employments and the Board decides whom to employ, their salaries and other staff matters. The Board elects a human recources manager among the members of the Administration Committee.

Medicinska Föreningen’s employees:



MF has a number of associations that are their own organisations and that have been granted the status as union associations by FuM. The associations are connected to MF, all their members are MF members and they conduct most of their activities at MF.

Medicinska Föreningen’s associations:



The purpose of the councils are to support the daily work. The Chair Council gathers all the chairs of the union bodies and associations together with the President of MF. The Education Council gathers the sections and student representatives to discuss common educational matters and to elect Mäster each year. De Äldstes Råd gathers all previous Presidents of MF and acts as support and council for the current President in her work.

Medicinska Föreningen’s councils:

  • De Äldstes Råd
  • Chair Council
  • Study Social Council
  • Education Council


The Inspector of Medicinska Föreningen is elected for a three year time period among professors and assistant professors that work or have worked at Karolinska Institutet. The Inspector chooses his or her substitute, the Vice Inspector. The Inspector is to look after the compliance of the bylaws and to encourage the development of the student union.

Medicinska Föreningen’s Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg can be reached at: [email protected].


Medicinska Bokhandeln

Medicinska Bokhandeln i Stockholm AB is an affiliated company which MF owns two thirds of. Medicinska Bokhandeln has two bookstores; Medicinska Bokhandeln at KI Campus Solna and Harrys Böcker at KI Campus Flemingsberg.



Medicinska Föreningens Kårhusstiftelse (KHS) was founded in 1983 and its aim is to promote studies, research, social and cultural purposes. The foundation owns, manages and maintains the Medicinska Föreningen Union House Kårhuset in Solna. KHS is responsible for reconstruction work of the house and started the project Framtidens Kårhus.

The KHS board consists of representatives from KI and MF. Chair of the board is Inspector Carl Johan Sundberg and vice chair is MF’s President Jessica Härtell.

KHS can be reached at [email protected].


Framtidens Kårhus

Framtidens Kårhus is a project owned by KHS and is an order placed by the Union Council (FuM) to do a comprehensive renovation of the MF Union House Kårhuset on Nobels väg 10 in Solna. The Board of MF, together with KHS, is responsible for prioritizing and setting up goals for the project.

Project leader Anna Eklöf can he reached at [email protected].